Tree down!

This isn’t the greatest photo, but it’s the best I have. Two years ago, A happened to look out the window of his office at the exact moment half a hackberry tree split and fell. Yesterday, we had a giant blow of a storm. A was standing in the kitchen looking out the window just in time to see the other half of the hackberry go over. Kind of amazing! Also amazing was that no buildings, garden, fence or other tree was damaged.

Hedge trees, part 1

I love this line of trees beside the house. When we moved out here, we took out quite a few dead hedge trees (aka Osage orange trees). During the Dust Bowl years, they were planted around fields as windbreaks. It turns out they are very much dependent on each other. The canopy is quite dense, and when you remove a tree (or two, or five), the others start to lean and fall down.