short stack, rock version

Here's some of the rocks I've taken from the beaches on Block Island and stacked in my back yard north of Providence. I'm always restacking them, even in the winter - reminds me of the beach.


I stopped by the side of the road to photograph the January thaw . . . muddy fields, birds in flight, etc. As I stepped across the road to get a close-up of the field, I almost stepped on this deer track smack-dab- in -the -middle- of- the- tractor or snow plow tracks. Interesting opportunity, so I took it. Can you see it?

Wrapped tree

tree wrapped with sheets
I can't take credit for this photo, although it was taken with my cameral. While Carol H. (not my mother, who is also Carol H.) was testing out the camera, she took this photo of her neighbor's tree, wrapped with bedsheets and duct tape. Apparently her neighbor didn't like all those branches, and talked a tree guy into cutting them off. It's not an art piece, either. Just a strange thing.