This is a good idea

Herbal wall
Parsley. Sage. Rosemary and thyme. Basil. Chervil. Oregano, too.  Wichita Botanica.
Louie snapped this shot at the Jewish Museum designed by David Libeskind. A zinc-plated fortress with dark voids for contemplation in the interior made me feel a little sick. That was intentional in Libeskind's design. Very powerful and unsettling. This is in the Garden of Exiles a close-packed forest of pillars open to the sky where no surface is horizontal or vertical--this creates a sense of the exile's disoriented view of the world. It works! Russian olive trees grow out of the tops of the 30-foot pillars. Those leaves are from surrounding trees that have fallen on the cobblestone paths. What an eye that Louie has!