Log full o’ turtles

turtles on a log
I have tried and tried to get a photo of the row of turtles on this log, and every time they slip off into the water before I can get near. This is probably the best I can get.

3 thoughts on “Log full o’ turtles

  1. Carol Howe

    Nevertheless, you did get these less camerea-shy turtles. It’s as good a study in black and gray as Whistler’s mother.

  2. Mark Howe

    Nice picture, though. A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting on our porch eating lunch when up the sidewalk ambled a 9″ wood turtle. It came up to the little garden bed between the sidewalk and the porch, stared at us briefly, then continued on its way. Apparently, they’re out on dry land these days looking for safe places to be, but development has pushed them into more urban areas.

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