Not an abstract

Specks of geese in the sky
We've been seeing thousands and thousands of geese streaming overhead in big vees. Down the hill by the river, they lose their formation and becoming a roiling mass. Yet another sign of impending spring.

5 thoughts on “Not an abstract

  1. Phyllis

    Hmmm. This gives me an idea. Can I have your permission to print this and do some needle work on it? Not sure I’ll get around it, but I can see some patterns that I would like to accentuate.

  2. Deborah Howe

    Ooooh! Can you tell if these are snow geese or Canada geese? A friend just posted some shots of snow geese on Facebook, and now I want to see more! These are excellent.

    1. We have so many Canada geese around here that it didn’t even occur to me that they might be snow geese.

      Come to think of it, they’re Canada geese, because when they fly low you can see their black necks and grey wings. Because our place is right above the river, when they come over our house they’re flying pretty low, either headed to the river or rising up out of the flood plain.

      > wrote: > >

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