Walkin’ the . . .cat?

Waiting for the motor coach to the Symphony in the Flint Hills, I saw this young lady trying to walk her cat. I thought this was too funny.
While I was waiting for the motor coach to the Symphony in the Flint Hills, I saw this young lady trying to walk her cat. I thought this was too funny. The cat was not cooperating.

3 thoughts on “Walkin’ the . . .cat?

  1. Deb

    When I got my first cat, Abner, I thought that he’d enjoy going for walks with me. I bought a little harness and short leash for him, and did a little test run in our apartment. Abner hated having the harness on him, and crouched down stubbornly until I took it off.

    Still, I figured that it would be great to leash-walk him — I’d know he was safe, he’d enjoy the wider vistas that a walk with me would offer him. So a few days later I carried him down to the ground floor, put the harness and leash on him in the vestibule, and carried him outside. He crouched on the front walk. I carried him to the end of the walk, and was about to put him down again. His ears were back and he was not happy. Suddenly, three neighbor boys on bikes, their big black standard poodle running beside them, rounded the corner and whizzed past us. Abner struggled to jump out of my arms, and when I didn’t let him go he climbed up onto my shoulder, his claws digging into my chest as he scrambled to flee. Adrenaline coursed through me, and it sure coursed through him. I unhitched the cute little green harness and leash, and let Abner run into the backyard. That was the last time I tried to get him to enjoy a walk with me (he did like hanging out in the back garden with me), and every time I see those little kitty harnesses and leashes at Petco I laugh at them, and at the memory of my naive self.

  2. When I moved back to Kansas this time, I brought my one-year old cat with me. Two extremely kind friends drove, so at all times Joe Fish was on a lap. When we stopped at rest areas, we put him on a leash. He was fine as long as he was going where he wanted to. Otherwise, he did what Simon did: crouched down and refused to move. He was deeply interested in some of the men’s restrooms in Missouri, but I did not let him lead me there.

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